Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizers

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With a team of professed engineers, Vener7 is successfully fulfilling the demands of Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizers. Our expert professionals design solutions for voltage instabilities in accordance with value for your money. We offer best grade single phase servo voltage stabilizers, also known as Line Voltage Regulators and Automatic Voltage Regulators, to offer years of service to our valuable clientele.

Our team of engineers is adept in the manufacture of Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizers. We understand your needs and are well positioned to offer you great value for your money and the best solution for you need. We have the best single phase voltage stabilizers on the market that promise years of religious service. All over the world we know Servo Voltage Stabilizers as Line Voltage Regulators and Automatic Voltage Regulators.



Technical Specifications
Rating 5 kVA to 75 kVA Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer
Input Voltage Range 4 standard Ranges or custom built
Over-Load Capability up to 150 % momentarily
Output Voltage Standard 220 / 230 / 240 V. or as per customer requirement
Line & Load regulation 0.5% or 1%
Duty Cycle Continuous 24x7
Wave Form Distortion Nil true to input
Response Time Less than 10ms
Correction Speed Up to 70V per sec. (Depend on Input Voltage range & capacity)
Correction Method Step-Less correction using Auto Variable Transformer
Suitability Suitable for all power factor loads
Cooling Natural Air Cooled / Forced Air Cooled / Oil Cooled
Class of Insulation Available in E / B /F Class
Break Down Strength & IR 2500V AC for 2 Minutes. Greater than 50 Mega Ohms at 500V DC
No Load Loss Less than 0.4 %
Efficiency 97 % to 99% (Depend on Input Voltage range & capacity)
Ambient Temperature Wide ambient temperature operation from –20° C to 45° C.
Winding & Wiring Material Copper EC grade (99.999% Pure)
MCCBs & Switchgears Schneider/L&T/Siemens
Input / Output Termination On Brass Studs/Connectors/Copper Bus Bar
Installation Indoor & Out door type
Degree of Protection IP - 30 to IP - 55
Optional Features and Protections - Overload Cut-Off and Short Circuit Protection.
- Low / High Voltage (out of input range) Alarm and / or Cut-Off. 
- High Temperature Alarm and / or Cut-Off. 
- Spike and surge protection 
- Ammeter, Temperature Meter, Digital Ammeter, Digital Voltmeter.
- Stabilizer By Pass System 
- Remote control of stabilizer ( with wires ) 
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