Air / Oil Cooled Transformers

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Adding on to the basic functions of every transformer, Air/ Oil Cooled Transformers adjust the level of voltage up and down as per requirement. Their main objective is to form a compatibility in voltage supply and varied appliances for which it is working. If the voltage required for application is lower than voltage supply then its job is to bring the level down as cooled transformer. If the voltage required is higher than voltage supply then the job of transformer is to raise its level. Measures of the ratings in Transformers are always consider in KVA units. These depend current delivered by unit and on input & output voltages. We offer high quality Air/ Oil Cooled Transformers which relatively precision engineers and simply designed to provide exact ratio of windings in each circuit. This enables delivery of accurate voltage and current as per the application. The usage must be specified prior to installing a particular transformer in order to attain smooth operation and longer functionality.

Air Cooled Transformer
Step Down Air Cooled Transformer
Oil Cooled Transformer
Oil cooled Transformer

We rigorously test our range of Air/ Oil Cooled Transformers on the basis of industry leading norms and standards for enhanced demand in market and complete client satisfaction.

Technical Specifications
Voltages 400/200, 230/ 115 or custom built
Rating 15 kva to 3000 Kva
Suitability Suitable for all power factor loads
Cooling Natural Air Cooled / Natural Oil Cooled
Wave Form Distortion Nil true to input
Duty Cycle Continuous 24x7
Break Down Strength 2500V AC for 2 Minutes.
Class of Insulation B Class
Degree of Protection IP - 30 to IP - 55
Insulation Resistance Greater than 100 mega ohms at 500V DC
Installation Indoor & Out door type
Winding & Wiring Material Copper EC grade (99.999% Pure)
Transformer 3 Nos. Heavy duty Copper wound Transformer
No Load Loss Less than 0.5%
Efficiency 97–99%.
Input / Output Termination On Brass Studs/Connectors/Copper Bus Bar

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