300 KVA – 3 Phase Oil Cooled

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We are manufacturing, exporting and supplying a range of shock-proof and reliable range 300 KVA – 3 Phase Oil Cooled at competitive rates. These are precision engineered by a team of expert engineers and technicians who utilize the EC grade copper and blend it into finish products with the use of cutting-edge technologies. Being suitable for all power leads, these ensure 3 phase cooling techniques, inclusive of natural air, forced air and oil cooled. Our array of 300 KVA – 3 Phase Oil Cooled are large accepted for their phase balancing and independent controlling for consistent and smooth voltage level. These adapt vast applications in All Electrical & Electronic Equipment, Banks/ ATMs/ Embassies/ Airport, Commercial Building & Complexes, Information Technology, Process Control Equipment, PLC & CNC Machine and more.

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Technical Specifications - Model SVS34L3300
Rating 300 kVa, 3 Phase
Output Current 433 Amps per phase
Input Voltage Range 340V to 460V, 47 - 53Hz, 4 Wire
Output Voltage 400V +/- 1%
Duty Cycle Continuous 24x7
Waveform Distortion Nil
Response Time Less than 10ms
Suitability Suitable for all power factor loads
Cooling Natural Oil Cooled
Class of Insulation A Class
Breakdown Strength & IR 1500V AC for 2 minutes. Greater than 50 Mega Ohms at 500V DC
Additional Facility Manual Operation
Installation Indoor type
Degree of Protection IP-30
No Load Loss Less than 0.4 %
Efficiency 98-99%
Applicable Standard IS 9815
Type & Suitability
  • Unbalanced Supply and Load. Suitable for 3 phase Unbalanced/ balanced Supply & Unbalanced/Balanced Load.
  • The unit consists of 3 nos. Single phase individually AC servo motor controlled units of 1/3rd of the total capacity connected in Star configuration.
Input / Output Termination On Copper Bus Bar
Transformer Oil New Insulating Transformer Oil ISI 335 marked
Winding & Wiring Material Copper EC grade (99.9% Pure)
Optional Features and Protections
  • Overload Cut-Off and Short Circuit Protection.
  • Low / High Voltage (out of input range) Alarm and / or Cut-Off.
  • Single Phase Prevention Alarm and / or Cut-Off.
  • High Temperature Alarm and / or Cut-Off.
  • Reverse Phase Cut-Off.
  • Auto Phase Correction in case of Phase Reversal.
  • Spike and surge protection
  • Ammeter, Temperature Meter, Digital Ammeter, Digital Voltmeter.
  • Stabilizer By Pass System
  • Remote control of stabilizer (with wires)
  • Earth fault protection
  • Delay on Circuits
Due to new innovations & improvements the technical specifications are subject to change.
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